We make food.  We make lots and lots of food.  We make cakes, meatloaf, tapas, meals, experiments…we do it all.  Here are a few examples of our work.

Spring Pink themed caked for our Sister-In-Law, Raz

A Blueberry/Banana Cheese Cake, made by Mimi for the Ester LiBerry Music Festical Pie Contest

The Caleb's Mustache Cake, made by Mimi and Nah for a goodbye party for Caleb

Ass Loaf, one in a seriese of meatloaves in the shape of things, made by Lah

Boob Loaf, another in the series, made by Lah (note the foil piercings)

We also have decades of combined espresso making experience, like this fine americano made at our old coffee shop, The First Cup, owned and operated by Trifecta Perfecta

More to come for the food category, we haven’t even shown one of Nah’s famous wedding cakes yet!  Oh, the GLORY of it all!


Trifecta Perfecta